Elsewhere: Bring On The Jersey Jokes

Gov. Paterson will make an SNL cameo

Democrats think the prospect of a Governor Paladino will keep their base motivated.

A majority of New Yorkers want the mosque moved.

Streetsblog calls Joan Millman a hypocrite.

Andrew Cuomo answered Eliot Spitzer.

Greg Edwards, Paladino’s running mate by default, is attacking Andrew Cuomo.

David Axelrod will allegedly leave the White House next year.

Wayne Barrett wonders why other polls aren’t getting the attention that the Q poll does.

Contractor deaths outnumbered military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan for the first six months of this year.

California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the lead architect of the G.O.P’s Pledge to America, can’t think of a program that should be cut.

The problems with Constitution worship.

Democrats are targeting “essential” state legislative races.

Carl Paladino has been generous.

Elsewhere: Bring On The Jersey Jokes