Elsewhere: Clinton Goes Vegan?!? (With Video)

Dan Donovan would be willing to sue over health care reform.

Kirsten Gillibrand is going after Joe DioGuardi.

Jimmy Vielkind says Carl Paladino as tapped into the id of Upstate America.

State employee layoffs begin in mid-November.

CKatz has a good round-up of this day in the A.G.’s race

Eliot Spitzer says Andrew Cuomo has been running a “Rose Garden” strategy without speaking to the voters.”

Republican spoiler Doug Hoffman seems poised to play the spoiler.

NARAL raises Joe DioGuardi’s views on choice.

Chris Christie stood up to a heckler.

Karl Rove has changed his tune on Christine O’Donnell, and now says, “She handled the witchcraft issue great.”

Rick Lazio was not nominated for a judgship in Brooklyn, meaning it is more likely that he stays on the ballot as a Conservative.

Funds to Vito Lopez’s non-profit have been “frozen.”

Mitch Daniels is headed to New York for a fundraiser.

And Bill Clinton is now a vegan.





Elsewhere: Clinton Goes Vegan?!? (With Video)