Elsewhere: Gaga for DADT repeal

Lady Gaga has been furiously tweeting on DADT.

Former Buffalo Bill Thurman Thomas said that Carl Paladino is not a racist.

Democrats called Nan Hayworth “extreme.”

Christine O’Donnell says “You’re not the boss of me.”

The Senate will get much younger.

Sarah Palin edges closer to 2012.

Lisa Murkowski will run as an independent.

Harry Wilson on Paladino: “I think it’s impossible to predict exactly what impact he’s going to have; he could have a very broad range of impacts.”

Adam Clayton Powell IV is gearing up for 2012.

Carl Paladino envisions Andrew Cuomo in the shower.

The invite to Rahm’s party.

Charlie Rangel’s latest audio tweet is very fired up

  Elsewhere: Gaga for DADT repeal