Elsewhere: Has Anyone Asked Him About His Paramours?

Carl Paladino On Andrew Cuomo: “Has anyone asked him about his paramours…or asked him why his wife left him or threw him out of the house?”

Also: “He’s welcome to take his shots at me if he wants…He better stay away from my family.”

Former Paterson communications director Peter Kaufmann is joining Team Cuomo.

The Independence Party is supporting Eric Schneiderman.

And the Conservative Party is supporting Carl Paladino.

Jeff Klein is embracing Cuomo.

The LG’s are going at it.

The Post went for Dan Donovan.

Cory Booker asked for a clarification.

Big-pocketed G.O.P donors may help them win seats they otherwise would not.

Should Hillary Clinton campaign in Pennsylvania for Democrats?

Azi analyzes the Cuomo/Paladino debate bluster.

John Liu’s community benefits agreement task force takes to the HuffPo.


Elsewhere: Has Anyone Asked Him About His Paramours?