Elsewhere: Late Night With Mike Bloomberg

Eric Schneiderman on why Andrew Cuomo hasn’t endorsed him yet: “You gotta allow us a little opportunity to create some drama.”

Vito Lopez called The Post’s Sally Goldenberg a “sick lady” for asking about his health issues.

The person protecting Lopez in this picture is the executive director of the state Worker’s Compensation Board.

Joe DioGuardi is gaining on Kirsten Gillibrand.

Late Night with Mike Bloomberg.

Michelle Obama will be campaigning in New York.

NY-19 is a toss-up.

Labor does not approve of Bloomberg’s proposed cuts

The divide in the G.O.P between the Tea Party and the establishment may be a media narrative.

Larry Summers is headed back to Harvard.

Greg Sargent says that G.O.P obstructionism works.

DADT repeal went down to defeat.



  Elsewhere: Late Night With Mike Bloomberg