Elsewhere: Lazio Bows Out

Rick Lazio, we hardly knew ye.

A handy Rick Lazio recap, courtesy of the WaPo

Sarah Palin tweets her support.

TPM considers the fact that, given NY’s crazy political shenanigans of the last several years, Carl Paladino’s love child may not be a political liability.

The women of The View discuss it.

The Brooklyn Tea Party wants to take the multi out of multi-culturalism.

Dan Donovan says A.G shouldn’t stand for “aspiring governor.”

Tom DiNapoli shrugged off the lack of an endorsement from Andrew Cuomo.

Vito Lopez is going back in for cancer treatment.

Michael Caputo regrets calling Mike Long “a crazy old coot.”

Joe Biden thinks the Democratic base needs to “stop whining.”

More than 200 people protested against a mosque in Sheepshead Bay.

Bob Hennelly looks at immigration and the governor’s race.

Ann Coulter’s appearance at HomoCon did not, uhh, go well.

All Things Considered looks at the local scene.

Elsewhere: Lazio Bows Out