Elsewhere: More On That Paladino Poll

Nate Silver, who isn’t often shocked by polls, is by today’s Q poll that shows Carl Paladino just six points behind Andrew Cuomo.

Why does Cuomo win, asks Dan Amira: Because Rick Lazio may run, most people don’t know about Paladino, and those gobs of cash that Cuomo has.

Commentary, on that poll and one that shows Joe DioGuardi gaining on Kirsten Gillibrand: “If Republicans are surging in a state like New York, this midterm election may turn out far worse than imagined for the Democrats and the liberal agenda pursued by President Obama.”

Steve Kornacki: “Paladino may be an ogre, but — at least at first glimpse – what a lot of New Yorkers see is a regular-seeming guy who is as angry as they are and who will give all of the career politicians in Albany nightmares.”

Carl Paladino has hired a former Pataki administration official.

Pollster Peter Feld tells Azi that Cuomo will win by 8 points.

Rudy Giuliani does not know Paladino.

Rudy also criticized Obama on his Afghan war strategy.

Meet your new district leader, Lincoln Restler.

Ed Cox tries to shuffle Rick Lazio off the stage

In 2006, when asked if he was going to run for governor, Andrew Cuomo said, “No.”

Ydanis Rodriguez is back as Higher Ed chair.

Now Hank Sheinkopf appears not to be working for the state Democratic Party.

Patti Harris and Mayor Bloomberg had a moment with Bill Clinton.

One in five Americans believe that President Obama is a cactus, the Onion reports.

The House G.O.P has made a “Pledge to America.”

John McCain is encouraging presidential contenders to skip Iowa.






Elsewhere: More On That Paladino Poll