Elsewhere: President Palin? President Paladino?

John Sampson lunched with the newest members of the state Senate.

Air Cuomo.

S#@! my Carl says, on Twitter.

Paladino for President?!?

Kirsten Gillibrand is out campaigning in full-force.

Geoff Garin has advice for Democrats on how to frame the Bush tax cuts.

John Del Signore has a good rundown of yesterday’s voting problems.

G.O.P turnout was higher than Democratic turnout.

Wayne Barrett considers what this means for Eric Schneiderman.

Why Sarah Palin will run for president.

South Carolina politics never fails to appall.

The Fix says Carl Paladino, Charlie Rangel, and American Idol fans are among yesterday’s winners. Rick Lazio and the Cox family not so much.

Here is a list of people who are against Park 51 but have not given to the 9/11 Memorial.

Christine O’Donnell may be the best thing to happen to Democrats.


Elsewhere: President Palin? President Paladino?