Elsewhere: Schumer, Biden, Thune

Chuck Schumer is going on the air in a big way.

Sean Coffey spent the most, per vote, of any of the AG candidates.

Cuomo and Paladino turned onto jobs, and on each other.

Steve Israel is trying to sell his house.

Emily’s List is getting involved.

Bloomberg heads to Letterman tonight.

Democrats may lose the state Senate.

Joe Biden wants you to roar.

The G.O.P is pushing for quick House ethics trials for Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters.

A reformer went with Vito.

Christine O’Donnell did not, in fact, go to Oxford.

Some Democratic donors aren’t giving to the party this year simply because they can’t afford it.

The state Conservative Party will be hosting John Thune.

Elsewhere: Schumer, Biden, Thune