Elsewhere: Talk About Me Like A Dog Edition

1199 and 32BJ have spent $50,000 on a new PAC designed to help Eric Schneiderman’s AG campaign.

Andrew Cuomo doesn’t accept the notion that people are rallying to Schneiderman because he is the antithesis of Cuomo.

If Schneiderman wins, he won’t be lobbied by ex-wife Jennifer Cunningham, an 1199 lobbyist.

The AG’s race is coming to Buffalo.

Maghabe sees a nice dovetail in Kathleen Rice’s rolling out support from private sector unions just as Cuomo is pushing back against public sector ones.

Barack Obama told a Milwaukee audience that special interests “talk about me like a dog.”

Ezra Klein attacks the notion of government waste.

David Petraeus condemned a plan by a Florida church to spend Sept. 11 burning copies of the Koran.



Elsewhere: Talk About Me Like A Dog Edition