Former Essex super of elections pleads guilty

Former Essex County Superintendent of Elections Carmine Casciano pleaded guilty today to tampering with public records, according to Attorney General Paula T. Dow and Criminal Justice Director Stephen J. Taylor.

The 61-year old Casciano admitted that between January and March 2007, in his position as the Essex County Commissioner of Registration and Superintendent of Elections, he altered, or ordered subordinate employees to alter, documents or record-keeping data.  

 “The investigation determined that Casciano instructed one or more county employees to maintain an unauthorized log of vacation days used by county employees to work on political campaigns and paid days off owed to those employees to compensate them under the scheme,” according to the AG’s Office. “The investigation further revealed that, in an attempt to conceal evidence of a crime, he instructed one or more county employees to alter and/or destroy records related to vacation days and unauthorized paid days off of employees who participated in the scheme.”

Casciano resigned from his position on Jan. 15th as a result of the investigation, which resulted in the third degree charges.

Superior Court Judge Michael Petrolle scheduled sentencing for Casciano for Dec. 3. According to Dow, under the plea agreement, the state will recommend a sentence of 364 days in county jail as a condition of probation. 


  Former Essex super of elections pleads guilty