Glick Goes for Schneiderman

Assemblymember Deborah Glick is endorsing Eric Schneiderman in the race for attorney general.

“I am supporting Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General because he has been a lifelong champion for the issues that matter to women–equal pay, reproductive rights and justice in the health care system,” said Glick in a press release.

Glick has been an ally of fellow Assemblymember Richard Brodsky on a number of issues in Albany, but she also hails from Manhattan and was the state’s first openly-gay legislator–two demographics that have largely backed Schneiderman.

But the Schneiderman campaign is particularly focused on the fact that Glick marks one more female supporter, as it tries to tout its strong support among women. The bulk of the press release re-states some withering criticisms of Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice–who would become the state’s first female attorney general–from a press conference yesterday on the City Hall steps.

Here is the release:


Joins Growing List of Women and LGBT Leaders as Schneiderman Continues to Surge

NEW YORK – Assemblymember Deborah Glick today announced her endorsement for Eric Schneiderman for his campaign for Attorney General, citing his lifelong commitment to issues important to women. The endorsement comes one day after dozens of women, including NARAL Pro-Choice NY President Kelli Conlin and NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, rallied on the New York City hall steps in support of Schneiderman’s campaign.

“I am supporting Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General because he has been a lifelong champion for the issues that matter to women – equal pay, reproductive rights and justice in the health care system,” said Assemblymember Deborah Glick. “I’ve seen Eric in action and have no doubt he will continue to fight for justice on behalf of all New York as Attorney General. Eric is the progressive leader we need on our side.”

“I’m thrilled to have the endorsement of Deborah Glick,” said Eric Schneiderman. “As we enter the last 48 hours of this primary campaign, I’m proud of the broad and diverse coalition of support of progressive leaders across the State who have joined my campaign. I look forward to working with Deborah as Attorney General in the fight for equal justice for all New Yorkers.”

Yesterday, dozens of women rallied on the New York City Hall steps to hail Eric Schneiderman’s lifelong record of progressive reform and commitment to women’s rights. Women leaders noted that while Eric has stood up to powerful forces to protect core progressive values, Rice was a longtime Republican who forced working mothers in her DA’s office to choose between working full-time or quitting.

“When the 2000 election was on the line, we all knew what was at stake between George W. Bush and Al Gore. A woman’s right to choose was on the line. Eric Schneiderman not only voted for Al Gore in that race but he worked tirelessly in around this country That can’t be said about any other candidate, and it certainly can’t be said about Kathleen Rice,” said Kelli Conlin, President of NARAL Pro-Choice NY. “Obviously, NARAL Pro Choice NY recognizes that each candidate is pro-choice, but it’s time that we got out of the range of saying this is one of many issues. I call on pro-choice voters to vote for pro-choice values and elect Eric Schneiderman.”

“People can say they want working women to have the same shot at jobs and promotions as everybody else. But if you came into an office that had before you been held by someone who’s known to be more conservative, you come into that office, in this case the Nassau County DA, you come into that office, that office has a flex time policy, that office respects 12 talented lawyers who are working mothers. You come in and you say no, that policy is gone. You work full time or you get out. That speaks for itself. You can’t have done that on one day in one year, and a mere five years later come here and say you will be a pro-working woman attorney general. The talk doesn’t meet the action, and the action is what the voters of NY state need to remember when they go into the voting booth on Tuesday. People need to remember not what people have said, what people have done for the women in our state and the women in their lives. This man has stood up and done the work for women, and the other candidate who uh, one of the other candidates, sadly Kathleen Rice has stood up, and when she stood up she took away the rights of working women in her office, and we simply can’t have that in our attorney general’s office,” said NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

In June 2006, DA Rice ordered 12 part-time attorneys – all of whom were women, many of whom were working mothers – to either work full time or quit, spurring a major backlash among women’s legal groups and advocates. Rice’s decision was denounced as unfair and insensitive to working mothers. The New York Women’s Bar Association called the policy “totally unconscionable” and The New York Times editorialized that the plan “could have been hatched in the 1970’s” when “there were far fewer women in the workplace trying to juggle jobs and children.”

Eric has been a lifelong progressive champion for women’s rights. Before college, in Washington, D.C., Eric worked at a women’s health clinic at a time when it was the only place in the region where a woman could obtain a safe and legal abortion. Since then, Eric has continued to defend women’s rights. He has fought for health and reproductive rights, for political and economic equality, and against violence and sexual exploitation.

With widespread support from a broad and diverse coalition of progressive New Yorkers, the New York Times, the good government group Citizens Union, the Albany Times Union, NARAL Pro-Choice New York, the New York League of Conservation Voters, and the Empire State Pride Agenda, 32BJ, 1199, Hotel Trades Council, and Citizen Action, momentum continues to grow for Schneiderman’s campaign to be the state’s next Attorney General.

In the last week of the campaign, Eric has been endorsed by the New York Observer, Congress members Anthony Weiner and Eliot Engel, wrongfully accused exoneree Jeffrey Deskovic, Gun Free Kids, and The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.



Glick Goes for Schneiderman