Good Morning, Andrew Cuomo!

Congratulations on receiving the mayor’s endorsement. ‘Crazy Carl‘ has his work cut out for him in trying to win over New York City, but this should help things considerably. We’d say Paladino was of the Pataki anti-Gotham school, if he hadn’t just called the former governor a “degenerate idiot.”

It’s not likely that he’ll end up holding our state’s highest office, but stranger things have happened. Take, for example, the fact that he’s your opponent in this election.

Moreover, the mayor’s endorsement, even outside the city and state, means quite a bit to people these days. And it was by no means a sure thing that you’d receive it, so yesterday was a quite a boon for you.

Hope you’re well rested for those 20 debates that Paladino wants.


The Observer Good Morning, Andrew Cuomo!