Good Morning, Carl Paladino!

We know, we just wished you a good morning last week. But you had a scary good day yesterday!

Tuesday was the victory, but Wednesday was the aftermath, which was undoubtedly sweeter. The press and the meta-press were giddy at the prospect of the various things you’ll say about Andrew Cuomo, the downtown mosque and New York City in general. You were christened with a fake Twitter account, fairly trendy these days, and had the establishment eating crow, when they weren’t eating out of your hand.

And your victory. Who’da thunk it? Not these guys, certainly. Goes to show what $3 million and a chicken suit can do.

Anyway, good morning to you, sir, and we hope you got your rest. You’ll need it if you’re going to “charge, charge, charge.”


The Observer Good Morning, Carl Paladino!