Good Morning, Dennis Crowley!

Look, we’re not going to lie to you, Mr. Crowley: we generally envy your existence. You seem like a happy guy, always smiling, always sporting vaguely Luke Skywalkery hair.  Plus you’re next-door neighbors with Lockhart Steele, whom we cannot get enough of, apparently. You generally have good days.

But yesterday? You killed it.

We were never worried about Foursquare, but these days you just have to be paranoid about Zuckerberg. Our fears were considerably allayed by your keynote speech. “Pokemon for adults”? We’ve never been more excited to have our actions determined by a third party! And for that reason we’re obviously extremely excited for Gifi.

Perhaps your greatest win yesterday was Gavin Newsom‘s attempt to claim you as his own. The man is nothing if not trendy.

So good morning to you Mr. Crowley! Muss that hair. It’s a new day.


The Observer


Good Morning, Dennis Crowley!