Good Morning, Lockhart Steele!

When we usually congratulate people with these morning greetings, their accomplishments are rarely as significant as the first steps toward world domination. But you’ve taken those steps with the launch of Curbed National, Lockhart, and for that we salute you.

Would we have to literally salute you, if you were to take over the world with your blog empire? Something to consider, on your end. There aren’t many things that sound bad to us after a three-martini lunch — which are pretty routine for us (we work mornings) — so you had our attention when you described Curbed National as “Architectural Digest after a three-martini lunch.”

Anyway, we love the new site almost as much as we love the way you live, so we just wanted to say congratulations and good luck.

Have you smoothed things over with Rachel Maddow, by the way?


The Observer

Good Morning, Lockhart Steele!