High Drama In Brooklyn District Leader Race

A little-watched race for an obscure seat on the Democratic state committee is now playing out at the Brooklyn Board of Elections.

Lincoln Restler and Warren Cohn have waged a heated race for the seat and now a mere 20 votes separates them. Aides and supporters are monitoring the count down at the Brooklyn Board of Elections.

The recanvass of the machines began at 2 p.m. today. Board of Election officials will then count emergency, affidavit, and absentee ballots. Emergency ballots are issued when a polling site breaks down, or a worker there does not know how to properly use a machine, something that happened often on Tuesday. Affidavit ballots are given when a voter is not on the rolls at a given polling place but claims to be entitled to vote there.  Sarah Baker, a spokeswoman for Restler, could not say how many of either of these types of ballots were still outstanding, but did say that there were around 130 absentee ballots left to count, according to an unofficial tally from the BoE. She added that several supporters of Restler’s said that they were given ballots on Election Day that listed the wrong candidates for the office.

State committee members, also known as district leaders, are positions within the internal county parties. Restler is part of group that is trying to reform the Brooklyn Democratic Party which is now run by Vito Lopez. Cohn is considered a Lopez loyalist. His father, Steve Cohn was a longtime district leader and Brooklyn powerbroker who declined to seek re-election.

The count of the affadavit and absentee ballots will begin next Tuesday.

High Drama In Brooklyn District Leader Race