Hot Taiwanese Pancakes Inspire Paper Thin Computers

The Wall Street Journal has awarded its top prize for technological innovation to Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute, which created flexible, paper-thin computer screens that could be embedded into newspapers or books.

ITRI beat out 600 other entries by creating a simple process for manufacturing these screens that will allow them to be mass produced. The challenge was how to easily remove the flexible display from the rigid glass plate that held it in place during fabrication.

According to The Journal, the idea came from “Watching cooks peel paper thin Taiwanese pancakes from a hot pan.”

The Obsever’s tech team is currently hard at work on new, unbreakable smartphone screen based on our study of how New Yorker’s fold their pizza slices.

Check out a video of ITRI’s flexible screens in action.

Hot Taiwanese Pancakes Inspire Paper Thin Computers