Howard Fineman Gets a Newsweek Buyout from Arianna Huffington

Senior Washington correspondent Howard Fineman is the latest talent to ditch Newsweek. Mr. Fineman was hired away by Arianna Huffington to work as a senior editor at The Huffington Post.

Ms. Huffington touted his “wealth of experience” in a release, and noted that Mr. Fineman has interviewed every major presidential candidate since 1985. That experience comes with a pricetag. Ms. Huffington told The New York Times that her business is now able to spend heavily to recruit talent from traditional media outlets.

“From the day we launched, it was our belief that the mission of The Huffington Post should be to bring together the best of the old and the best of the new,” said Arianna Huffington, the site’s co-founder. “Bringing in the best of the old involved more money than we had when we launched. But now that our Web site is growing, we’re able to bring in the best of the old.”’

Ms. Huffington is especially willing to pay for names in the realm of political coverage, which has been a top priority for the site since it launched. Thomas Edsall, who covered politics for The Washington Post for a quarter century, has been the site’s political editor since 2008. Howard Fineman Gets a Newsweek Buyout from Arianna Huffington