Money Never Sleeps Premiere: Douglas, Buffett, Cramer-Bashing

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps premiered last night and while most of the coverage of the event focused on the attendance of the ailing Michael Douglas, the mingling of the Hollywood and finance worlds made for some amusing anecdotes.

“Gekko represents two things in the movie both good and… bad,” Oliver Stone told an NBC affiliate reporter, reflecting an ambiguity probed by our own Max Abelson last week. They also found a floor trader who cryptically told them: “I’ve met hundreds of Gordon Gekkos over my Wall Street career and the Gordon Gekkos come and go and they’re all Gordon Gekko’s until they’re not.”

The quote of the evening went to Shia LaBeouf for unnecessarily knocking CNBC personality Jim Cramer, who was also in attendance. “If you think you’re gonna sit home and watch Jim Cramer and start making millions, you’re off,” he told the Post, presumably praising the insiders portrayed in the movie.

Josh Brolin knows what’s up. As you can see from the afterparty photo, he gets his investment advice directly from the Snowball.

Video of the Cramer-bashing below.


Money Never Sleeps Premiere: Douglas, Buffett, Cramer-Bashing