In AG Race, Donovan Calls Schneiderman A Job-Killer; Schneiderman Says Donovan Is Lax On Domestic Violence

In the down-ballot but (slightly) more high-minded attorney general’s race, both the campaigns of Republican Dan Donovan and Democrat Eric Schneiderman were out with releases early this morning attacking the other guy’s fitness for the job.

Donovan highlight a report in today’s New York Post which called out Schneiderman for a bill he introduced that that would let private lawyers file securities-fraud lawsuits against New York firms on behalf of investors in mutual funds or the state pension fund. Business groups say it would be “a magnet for class action lawsuits” and a boon to trial lawyers, while costing the state jobs.

Says campaign spokesperson Virginia Lam:

State Senator Schneiderman may not realize this when he talks to his pollster or his fellow Albany insiders, but when he gratuitously attacks ‘Wall Street’ for political gain, he’s attacking the livelihood of nearly three million New Yorkers…It’s bad enough that State Senator Schneiderman has voted repeatedly to raise taxes on millions of hard working, ordinary New Yorkers – now he wants to take away their jobs too.  

This is a reprise of one of their first contretemps after the campaign, when Schneiderman accused Donovan of being lax in his willingness to police Wall Street, and challenging him to a debate over financial reform. Then, Donovan said that he was more interested in rooting out corruption then destroying an entire industry, a stance which today’s release shows he has not backed down from.

The Schneiderman meanwhile is out jumping on Donovan for a Senate bill he authored which Schneiderman says fails to require the mandatory arrest of domestic violence abusers, which cost the bill support from victim advocates and women’s organizations.

Donovan trumpeted the measure in a letter to Donovan the day after the campaign.

Says campaign spokesman James Freedland:

While Mr. Donovan authored flawed legislation that would not even require arrest of the abuser, Eric Schneiderman’s work to combat domestic violence, including a new law that finally makes strangulation a crime, has earned the praise of Republican and Democratic District Attorneys from across the state, as well as the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the National Organization for Women. Will Dan Donovan continue to turn a blind eye to domestic violence or will he support Eric Schneiderman’s law to protect the women of this state from violence in their own homes by making the arrest of domestic abusers mandatory?” 

Meanwhile, Schneiderman is up campaigning in Buffalo and Rochester today. Donovan is in New York addressing the New York Building Congress.


In AG Race, Donovan Calls Schneiderman A Job-Killer; Schneiderman Says Donovan Is Lax On Domestic Violence