In Other News…: Beck vs. Obama Children’s Book Smackdown

– HA! Glenn Beck’s children’s book stacked head-to-head against Obama’s. Spoiler Warning: they have the same number of pages! SPoOkYy.

– Feel bad about your life moment, Fashion Week Edition: Giorgio Armani just bought an entire island. No, not the kind that goes in the middle of your kitchen.

– 21st century warning: the Real Estate Board of New York is now requiring brokers to enter sale information into their online database. No word on whether they’d still like the same information faxed over and then mailed in triplicate with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

-File under: can’t make this stuff up. “It’s time they woke up and smelled the coffee, and the coffee’s tea” -wise words from Carl Paladino’s campaign treasurer.

-Q. How many Board of Elections employees does it take to tally a ballot correctly? A: One, and an army of 10 flacks to deflect the bad press when there is an inevitable screw-up. 

-Bad news about the meat tuxedo you were planning to wear to your next gala: Yonkers butcher says Lady Gaga’s meat suit was probably an olfactory assault. In Other News…: Beck vs. Obama Children’s Book Smackdown