In Other News…: “Bootylicious” Limbaugh


Oh, hello there. Welcome to this daily roundup of webcrumbs, henceforth to be known as “In Other News…”

-Things that should have been smitten down by Y2K: Big Brother. And yet, a 24 year-old just won $500,000 on Big Brother 12.

Rush Limbaugh calls Jets reporter embroiled in scandal “Bootylicious.” We throw up in our mouths.  

-Chelsea Clinton’s wedding site: not above the bad real estate market! It’s being sold at auction. Takers?

Hipsters just can’t keep themselves from stealing books. From independent bookstores. Way lame, guys. 

Kirsten Gillibrand is going to get us jobs! The hypothetical job mentioned is “slicing apples for local schools.” Rejoice! 

In Other News…: “Bootylicious” Limbaugh