In Other News…: Giuliani Ventures into “Total Tool” Territory

-Sukkah it to me! Union Square becomes home to artistic Sukkot creations. 

Do Not Put These On Your Feet, Christian Louboutin Edition. For the woman who wants the comfort of 6-inch stilettos paired with the effortless Americana style of golf shoe fringe.

Giuliani is scheduled to make an appearance at an establishment called “Total Tool.” He’s making it too easy for us.

-Enough about Don Hill’s. It’s so last week. Here are five more nightclubs to gladhand your way into.

Catfish has arrived. It’s a documentary in which a photo taken for the New York Sun appears to play an important role. Coming soon: Catfish 2, a heartwarming look at a decoupageist’s attempt to shellac her entire apartment with recipes taken from back issues of Gourmet.

-Art world Cliffs Notes: shows to see this fallIn Other News…: Giuliani Ventures into “Total Tool” Territory