Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Steve Martin?

We’re not certain there’s such a thing as too much Steve Martin. We’ve already noted Mr. Martin’s entry into the Twitter fray. Now the Times tells us that the white-haired comedian is truly a man on the move these days, what with his tweeting and giving away Bluegrass-related prizes:

Mr. Martin, the actor, comedian and polymath, has established the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass. The award, which he described on Wednesday as “a mini-MacArthur” grant, will give $50,000 annually to “an individual or group for outstanding accomplishment in the field of five-string banjo or bluegrass music,” in an effort to raise awareness and cultivate wider appreciation for the category.

The first winner of the award is Norm Pikelny, the banjo man for a group called Punch Brothers. And Steve Martin wasn’t the only banjo virtuoso to pull Pikelny’s name out of the hat–the board awarding the prize includes legendary musicians Earl Scruggs and Béla Fleck, just to name two. In addition to the prize money Pikelny will receive a specially-designed bronze sculpture and his band will perform with Steve Martin on David Letterman’s show on Nov. 4.

Martin mentioned Twitter in the NYT piece as well: “I just started yesterday, or the day before. At first I thought, oh, this will be an awful thing to do. And then I actually talked to Tom Hanks, and he said it’s actually kind of fun. So I decided to try it. Now I lie awake at night, dreaming up Twitters. It’s a little bit of a problem.”

Just for you Steve. Just for you.

[NYT] Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Steve Martin?