It’s Free to Look: 455 Central Park West

Last week our friends at Curbed showed off floor plans for what they dubbed the Mickey and Minnie Mouse duplex. The Real Estate Desk had to see what was up with this place, and it turns out it was one of the few remaining units at the Upper West Side’s very own castle, 455 Central Park West. Those “ears” turned out to be two of the turrets in the building, which is the former New York Cancer Hospital.

As the Desk noted Tuesday, another unit, formerly the province of Antiques Roadshow star Leslie Keno, recently sold for $5.65 million. This unit, LM17, is asking the same price, and unlike it’s neighbor, there’s a second floor.

And what a floor it is! Located at the top of the top of the tower, a double-height living room leads straight up to the peaked ceiling, a feature only you and King Arthur could boast. As if the circular walls of the living, dining, and master bedroom were not cool enough.

With four bedrooms, six bathes, and 5,317 square feet, the king’s ransom they’re asking seems like a steal. Now if only this place came with a dungeon.

It’s Free to Look: The Central Park Castle

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