Washington Post Blogger Doesn't Get the Joke

Jonathan Capehart is an editorial writer for the Washington Post, an MSNBC contributor and a seemingly smart, nice guy. If he is indeed a nice guy, he will probably have to just grin and bear it for a few days after a somewhat ill-conceived blog post made Monday night. In an entry in WaPo’s “PostPartisan” weblog, Capehart led with the following:

“Why have the wars cost so much under Obama?” tweeted @RepJackKimble (R-Calif.) at 7:40am on Sept. 2. “Check the budgets, Bush fought 2 wars w/o costing taxpayers a dime.” This stunning bit of fiscal ignorance earned him a tart barnyard expletive from @MWJ1231.

Capehart didn’t realize that Kimble’s ignorance is “stunning” because “Jack Kimble” is a joke Twitter account. A pretty obvious joke at that:

On his Twitter page Kimble claims to represent California’s 54th District. California has 53 congressional districts. In his Blogspot-hosted weblog, Kimble writes passages like the following, describing his attendance at a fictional fair:

The National Rifle Association and Robert Baird society are here to tell you of a vast conspiracy to take away your guns and turn this country communist respectively. Look for the Heritage Valley Minutemen to stage another illegal alien roundup for the kids. It’s fun for the whole family. I hope to see you there.

Citing Twitter statements has become a seemingly acceptable practice on TV and in print and probably won’t go away any time soon, but it’s still a little amusing–and from a blogger’s perspective, a little scary–to see it turn into a bit of a cautionary tale.

As for “Kimble,” he (or she) seems to be enjoying Capehart’s snafu, joking with another Twitter user, “I just wish they would have contacted me for a comment. They at least gave Nixon that much.”

We can’t really give Jonathan Capehart too much grief, though–it’s a mistake anyone could make under a certain set of circumstances. Also, Capehart has received enough grief in the past from other quarters.

[via HuffPo Blogger Karen Beninato] Washington Post Blogger Doesn't Get the Joke