James Franco Explains That Photo of Him Sleeping in Class [VIDEO]

Grad student extraordinaire James Franco has cleared the air about a photo taken of him last year purporting to show the Columbia MFA candidate asleep in class.

In an interview with Roger Friedman for his Showbiz 411 blog — where he’s been primarily spending his time since being very publicly fired from Fox News for downloading a pirated copy of the Fox film Wolverine — Franco explained that the photo in question was not taken at a class, but at an after-hours seminar that he’d been attending independent of his course work.

The lecture was apparently part of an artist lecture series, with visiting South African animator William Kentridge. “It was this extra thing, it was at 10 at night, it wasn’t a class,” Franco explains in the video. “It was me just going because I love art. It wasn’t because he was boring or anything it’s just that it was late and it was a lecture at 10 o’clock.”

Franco says he’s now paranoid about sleeping in public, and that he frequently falls asleep in movies. Friedman offers that he does this frequently himself, though he says he managed to stay awake during Howl. Franco says that he did too.

Video below


[h/t ArtInfo] James Franco Explains That Photo of Him Sleeping in Class [VIDEO]