James Franco Just F*cked with the Wrong Public Radio Host

There’s a long history of television and radio hosts getting mad about guests canceling at the last minute. David Letterman has been known to turn on these no-shows quickly and viciously — after Sen. John McCain opted out of a planned appearance in the last weeks of the 2008 presidential race, the late night host directed a barrage of jokes and serious criticism at the Republican candidate. 

Well, Kurt Andersen — Spy magazine founder and current host of public radio program Studio 360, as well as the co-founder of The Observer’s own Very Short List — isn’t going to take any shit either. This morning he fired out a tweet that called out presumptive guests James Franco and Aaron Sorkin: both the in-demand “Howl” star and the in-demand “Social Network” writer gave Anderson the old “Fuck you!” not 24 hours before each of them were supposed to come on Studio 360 and talk about their current projects.


We reached out to flacks for both entertainment figures to seek out their non-emergency reasons for backing out. A spokesperson for Rubenstein, who represents Sorkin, told The Observer that “due to a scheduling conflict, we asked the show to reschedule for next week, and we were told they were booked next week.”

We have yet to hear back from a representative for Franco.

Regardless of the reasoning, the “dickishness” of the two preening too-good-for-radio stars proves one thing: don’t fuck with Kurt Andersen. He’ll fire mad shots at you over Twitter. Bitch.

James Franco Just F*cked with the Wrong Public Radio Host