Joey Ramone Street Sign Shockingly Under-Stolen

The Post this morning has an item about the city replacing a memorial street sign reading “Joey Ramone Place” at Bowery and East Second. The sign “perhaps the most stolen of the 250,900 street signs in New York,” according to the Department of Transportation, will now be placed 20 feet above the street, rather than the standard 12 to 14 street.

Punk kids, right? Try and stop them from stealing Ramones-related things! Only, the theft of sign really isn’t that much of a problem. Since the sign went up in 2003, it’s been stolen a lousy three (three!) times.

That’s hardly revved up, or ready to go. The Post gives a hat tip to blogger Ev Grieve, who first noticed the sign’s new height. Grieve also linked to this excellent account of the sign’s approval in 2001, when apparently only two of the eight Community Board 3 members knew who Joey Ramone was. Joey Ramone Street Sign Shockingly Under-Stolen