Johannes Faktotum Dresses Immobile Models in Active Ware

The sporty looks worn by the mostly still and unblinking models at the Johannes Faktotum presentation, held this afternoon at the Twelve 21 space in Chelsea, could make one wish for those idle times wasted before Labor Day. The menswear line, started by Johanna Bloomfield in 2009, drew its inspiration from that staple of cool New England summer nights: the windbreaker. 

“Johanna spends the summer in Cape Cod, so it’s about sailing,” stylist Jason Farrer told us. 

But it’s also a mode that wouldn’t be out of place in New York, Mr. Farrer assured The Observer. “It’s about the creative athlete,” he said. “It’s meant to be urban and sport at the same time.” 

Ms. Bloomfield, off-setting (or falling in line with?) her presentation by wearing a white t-shirt, discussed why she chose to complete the look with Nikes. That iconic Air Jordan logo could be seen on unmoving feet from across the room. 

“Nike is the absolute best for that performance look,” she told us. “It’s the epitome of that.”

Indeed, the footwear may have made the heel-clad crowd, most of whom probably trekked downtown from Lincoln Center, a bit envious. Though we’ve done our fair share of bickering about swollen ankles, there’s no doubt that, upon seeing those Nikes, we could have killed for a chance to walk from show to show in sneakers. Johannes Faktotum Dresses Immobile Models in Active Ware