Kathleen Rice Highlights Kitchen Table Concerns

With just a week left before the Primary Day, attorney general candidate Kathleen Rice is out with a series of proposals designed to appeal to the pocketbooks of middle class New Yorkers.  Some of the items in her Consumer Protection Agenda include going after telecom companies that gouge cell phone customers, severe penalties and jail time for manufacturers and retailers of toxic toys, and stricter enforcement of predatory lending laws.

From the plan:

It is a fundamental responsibility of the attorney general to protect New Yorkers’ safety, as well as their pocketbooks. The AG is granted broad investigative and prosecutorial powers to combat illegal and unsafe business practices throughout the state. There is tremendous potential for the next AG to isolate and end emerging threats, and eliminate the persistent consumer crimes that plague our state.

Rice also reiterates her intention for stricter laws against people who try to lure minors for sex over the Internet, even though a Wall Street Journal article today said that such laws were not really needed.

Read the full plan here:


Rice-Consumer Protection Agenda Kathleen Rice Highlights Kitchen Table Concerns