Look What the Web Dragged In: A Tree Blows Away in Brooklyn

The web bore a lot of fun fruit for us to pluck and taste in the last 24-48 hours. A couple of our items today can be plopped in the basket marked “things that are incredible but scare the hell out of you.” The third item is something completely different, akin to dragonfruit. Today the web has brought us tornadoes, a trip to heaven and yes, we have no Qur’ans.

1. Double Rainbow Has Nothing On the Brooklyn Tornado.

So… what about that weather yesterday? For a while there it was as if the spirit of Kansas decided to possess the city and not in a good way. Green walls of water and wind were everywhere. In Brooklyn the awesome power of the incoming storm sent a handful of hipsters into paroxysms of excitement that guaranteed their video of the event would just go all viral as hell (as they might say in Kansas)–and it pretty much has, since it was picked up and published by Deadspin in deadpan mode. And why not be deadpan? Just like its ecstatic hippie counterpart, Double Rainbow, this speaks for itself.

2. You Think Your Job is Stressful?

If you can watch this without feeling your stomach do that “upside-down bend on a rollercoaster ride” sort of dip, you are braver than us. This is a p.o.v. video of what it’s like to free-climb a 1,768-foot transmission tower. Anyone with the tiniest hint of acrophobia (fear of heights) should not watch. For everyone else it’s exhilarating and yes, pretty scary.


3. Dude, You Have No Qur’an. Auto-tuned. We’re Sorry.

We know Jacob Isom is everywhere all of the sudden–but there’s a reason. Sure, this kind of viral video is the web equivalent of a couple of twinkies–tasty now, non-nutritive, you feel a little sick when you have more later–but fun is fun. Isom pulled a funny, spontaneous prank with some moral weight behind it and turned out to be quite a character in general. The internet is a great equalizer when it gives guys like him and established celebs equal footing, for at least a little while.

Look What the Web Dragged In: A Tree Blows Away in Brooklyn