Look What the Web Dragged In: Katy Perry is Hot For Elmo and We Believe in Bill Murray

Today the web has dragged in misty but not water-colored memories, a muppet-chasing pop star on everyone’s favorite childrens’ show and those doggone cute kids from P.S. 22, reminding us to imagine. With the official beginning of Fall we also check ourselves to see if we still believe in birthday boy Bill Murray. Is he just a fiction from our distant past or does he really exist, spreading the fairy dust of wry tales of wan misadventure in between his turns  on the silver screen? We may never know.

1. Katy Perry and Elmo Destroy Our Children

Actually, Elmo would never willingly be part to any such thing. Still, pop starlet Katy Perry has indeed appeared on Sesame Street, the show that has now raised generations of American kids with quirky wit and colorful muppet-led musicality. She did not prove she wasn’t actually the most sophisticated muppet to ever come out of the Jim Henson Company, she did prove her music, with a few changes, easily lends itself to childrens’ programming. So there’s that.

2. No One Will Ever Believe It’s Bill Murray’s 60th Birthday

Bill Murray, an actor beloved of comedy fans and geeks alike, turns 60 today. Below you’ll see a video of Murray from 1982, in which he rants on cue for a TV promo spot about technology. We’re pretty sure it’s always been awesome to be the man and legend that is Bill Murray.

3. Kids From P.S. 22, Soothe Our Wearied and Cynical Hearts

The chorus kids from P.S. 22 doing what they do best, singing pop music from sad and cynical old grown-ups’ childhoods and making grizzled and grumpy oldsters a little hoarse and misty in the process. P.S. 22 of 2011, singing John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Look What the Web Dragged In: Katy Perry is Hot For Elmo and We Believe in Bill Murray