Look What the Web Dragged In: Michael Bay, Defender of Puppies

1. Michael Bay Briefly Offers Reward For Puppy-Throwing Bosnian Girl, Maybe

For a moment there it looked like Michael Bay, director of the loudest, smashiest-crashiest movies around was ready to offer good money for the identity of an Eastern European girl who has become infamous on the Internet for a video of her tossing puppies into a river. Now it appears as though Bay changed his mind–that, or his webmaster told a joke that went too far. Whatever happened, no one really wants to be on the bad side of a guy who eats his cereal like this:

2. Apple Had a Thing Yesterday

It’s not every day Apple trots out Steve Jobs in his signature black mock turtle to introduce new products to crazed Apple fans. Crazed obsessives (Apple fandom status unknown) rarely take over entire cable networks (we’re leaving Fox News out of this). Having both happen on the same day is like flipping a coin that lands on its edge. Since the threat of danger to life and limb was greater from James Lee’s dramatic storming of the Discovery Channel offices in Maryland, some may have missed Apple’s roll-out of a new iPod Touch and revamped Apple TV. Here’s Steve Jobs talking Apple TV:

3. Robert Halderman is a Free Man

Robert Halderman was the CBS producer who had the bright idea to try and blackmail David Letterman. Naturally this didn’t work out so well. He was sentenced to 6 months in prison; it looks like he’s been let out after 4 months. (Deadline New York’s Mike Fleming made a funny, Internet-friendly typo in his post about Halderman’s release, noting the producer was “let out of fail.”) At least Halderman can now add an Emmy nom received while still in lockup to his resume as he begins his inevitably successful job search as a convicted felon.

Look What the Web Dragged In: Michael Bay, Defender of Puppies