Look What the Web Dragged In: Republican Witchcraft and Dancing Dads

When a politically controversial video is also a viral video, there’s really no way to avoid using it in a roundup of interesting stuff on the web. So, we won’t. It’s also a nice way to remind us all of our own dates to Satanic altars when we were in high school. Along with a Republican senatorial candidate and Satanic altars, the web has also prompted us to take notice of the website that dares not speak its name (it rhymes with “more flan”) and its denizens, sometimes collectively known as–let’s say the group’s name almost rhymes with “Hieronymus.” We end with a man in a foreign land dancing to Justin Bieber, which seems appropriate.

1. Christine O’Donnell is More Fun Than a Sky Full of Flying Monkeys

Tea Party-backed Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell backed out of several Sunday talk show TV appearances. Her reasons weren’t entirely clear–it may have been because she knew that CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) was preparing to call for a federal criminal investigation into her use of campaign money; it may have been because Bill Maher unleashed a spot from his old talk show in which O’Donnell, virtually a career talking head at the time, discussed having dabbled in witchcraft as a teen, among other things. The video went viral in nothing flat.

2. 4Chan Takes Down Major Websites… Again

There’s no media to accompany this item, just view it as a viral tech-related news story and a public service announcement: if 4Chan, the heart of the internet’s outlaw country, wants to take your website down, they will take your website down, make no mistake about it. Using a DDoS attack, 4Chan-related group Anonymous crashed the MPAA’s site on Saturday in response to the MPAA’s anti-piracy measures. Come to think of it, Anonymous’s past targets include Gawker, Twitter and YouTube, so the MPAA was probably small change for them. Yikes.

3. When Real Life Imitates South Park

We aren’t actually certain South Park has come up with anything like Vitalij, the gentleman seen dancing so frenetically behind his daughters in the video below–but the anarchic Comedy Central cartoon has surely come close. What we know about Vitalij–he’s from another country, he has two patient pre-teen daughters and he really, really enjoys dancing to Justin Bieber. And really, that’s enough. Shine on, Vitalij and family. We know–sometimes, you just gotta dance.


Look What the Web Dragged In: Republican Witchcraft and Dancing Dads