Maloney and Schneiderman Go Back-to-Back on 32BJ Mailer

One day after Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney endorsed State Senator Eric Schneiderman for attorney general, 32BJ SEIU is mailing on behalf of both of them.

The combined piece gives Schneiderman the full-page treatment, which is probably a good idea, since that’s expected to be a closer race and he–and the rest of the AG candidates–are still mostly unknown.

Maloney gets the reverse side (cut into just a bit by the mailing address), for her first primary fight in nine terms, against young attorney Reshma Saujani.

The powerful union is mailing statewide for Schneiderman, but as Maggie Haberman noted yesterday, the 14th Congressional District had particularly high turnout in the statewide races in 2006, and it could be higher than other districts this year, what with Maloney facing a rare challenge.

UPDATE: More two-fers: Liz has one with Schneiderman and State Senator Adriano Espaillat, who’s in a tight race for the seat Schneiderman is vacating.

32BJ Maloney-Schneiderman Maloney and Schneiderman Go Back-to-Back on 32BJ Mailer