McMahon Goes Local In Latest Campaign Ad [VIDEO]

Congressman Mike McMahon is back on the air with another commercial that attempt to make his re-election campaign about local, rather than national, issues.

The thirty-second piece is called “First Priority,” and is about a major priority for many in McMahon’s home base of Staten Island–getting around an area that is choked by too much traffic and insufficient public transportation. 

The ad, which the campaign says will be running on cable but which they declined to say how often, begins with McMahon getting into his car, and then shows him standing over a freeway overpass, walking on the Staten Island Ferry, and paying a toll on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

The script of the piece consists of McMahon looking directly at the camera and saying:

I’m Mike McMahon and like you I know it can be tough getting around Staten Island. That’s why I made it my top priority in Congress to add a new lane to the expressway so that we can get traffic moving again. Next, I fought to get more ferries, and to fix the terminal, too. Now I am working on a law to guarantee our toll discounts. We deserve to pay less. I approve this message because Staten Island is such a great place to live once you get where you are going.

McMahon’s focus on local issues comes as his opponent, Michael Grimm, tries to tie McMahon to Nancy Pelosi and health care reform. Although the conventional advice for Democrats this election cycle has been to focus on local issues, the strategy is not without it risks. As The Democratic Strategist points out, “In midterm elections, whichever party nationalizes the contest almost always wins.”

In other news, the National Republican Congressional Committee announced that Grimm has joined its “Young Guns” program, which qualifies him for the highest level of support from the party.

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McMahon Goes Local In Latest Campaign Ad [VIDEO]