Men’s Final Rained Out

For a third straight year, the Men’s Final is being pushed to a Monday.

The only person that is happy about this is Novak Djokovic who gets an extra day of rest to prepare for Rafael Nadal after his exhausting 5-set match with Roger Federer.

Everyone else? What a disaster. In 2008, when the men’s final was pushed to Monday, we were told it was an aberration. The first time this has ever happened! Last year, it happened again, and once again, the USTA insisted that this rarely, rarely happens. Well, after 13 days of dry weather, we’ve been socked again: A light shower that began at 3 p.m. has canceled play. The press room was not happy. Rex Ryan language was used everywhere. And the USTA is going to have to face the same question again: Do you guys build a roof over Ashe? Yes, even if it does cost $100 million+.

We spent the better part of five hours today live-blogging the weather. The USTA was optimistic earlier this afternoon before hedging its bets, and then finally calling it a day. The forecast of the rest of the evening doesn’t look promising, but with CBS playing a huge role in this, there’s no question they forced the USTA’s hand for an early cancellation so they don’t have to give up their Sunday night lineup.

The rain delay officially began at 3:00 today when the women’s doubles match was suspended, and the men’s final was canceled at 6:18 p.m.

The news, of course, isn’t great for CBS, either. The Monday finals that they’ve aired over each of the last two years have been the lowest rated Open men’s finals ever.

What was happening here today? Well, not a lot. Martha Stewart was live-tweeting the weather, Rafael Nadal was spying on Novak Djokovic’s hitting session and Djokovic declared he “called” that rain would hit after saying yesterday, “I don’t know the rituals how to invite the rain but…An extra day would be great, actually.”

The Men’s Final will be played at 4 p.m. on Monday. The gates open at 2 p.m. for ticketholders. The forecast calls for sun and clouds with temperatures in the mid-70s tomorrow, at least.


  Men’s Final Rained Out