Morgan Stanley Joins the De Blasio Anti-Spending League

Public advocate Bill de Blasio has scored another victory in his crusade to secure promises from companies not to spend direct money in elections following the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. His office announced Monday that Morgan Stanley now joins Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and a handful of other companies that have taken his public anti-spending pledge.

“Morgan Stanley has committed to a policy that sets the standard for Corporate America,” said Mr. de Blasio in a press release. “Their actions,
along with those of JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs send a clear message that responsible companies should keep their treasury dollars out of our elections.”

To mark the occasion, as has become the tradition, the press release points out that Morgan Stanely now sits in the positive, anti-spending bracket on Mr. de Blasio’s website.

In the press release, Mr. de Blasio says he will “continue to encourage corporations nationwide” to join these others in “renouncing Citizens United” ahead of the November elections.

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Update, 9/27, 9:25 am: A version of this post said that Mr. de Blasio appeared to have just secured pledges from Microsoft and Xerox. Those pledges were in fact made by the companies independent of Mr. de Blasio, and had been made much earlier.

Morgan Stanley Joins the De Blasio Anti-Spending League