Morning Read: Advice For Cuomo

“One thing is clear: any notion that Mr. Cuomo can ignore his opponent is gone,” writes Nick Confessore.

The Post talked to unaffiliated voters who favor Carl Paladino.

And says Assemblyman Sam Hoyt: “Cuomo better damn well take Paladino seriously. New York City Democrats probably laugh him off, but everybody outside New York City understands that Paladino’s a force to be reckoned with.”

Dicker’s advice: “Cuomo will have to replace his notoriously cautious and controlling style with a genuine sense of outrage and passion if he wants to connect with the voters’ anger and demands for change that have made Paladino a serious contender. ”

Paladino’s wife is a registered Democrat.

Paladino supporters are preparing to disrupt Cuomo events with duck calls.

Vito Lopez is said to be at the center of two federal investigations.

Dan Donovan will be leading a local investigation.

Chris Christie is in demand from fellow Republicans seeking office.

Can Republicans retake the state senate?

Move over, Mike Bloomberg. David Koch is now the city’s richest man.

Health Care reform is six months old today, and many of its key provisions are expected to begin.



Morning Read: Advice For Cuomo