Morning Read: Councilwoman Bell?

G.O.P. comptroller candidate Harry Wilson says that the state pension fund is facing a multi-billion dollar shortfall.

Vito Lopez makes the gender argument for Kathleen Rice.

In a debate, Basil Smikle called Bill Perkins divisive, while Perkins said his opponent was a tool of wealthy hedge funders.

NPR looks at the neighborhood around Ground Zero.

Gotham Gazette looks at the AG Race.

Eric Schneiderman is accused of being soft on crime.

And Wayne Barrett hits him for being “transactional.”

The fiancee of Sean Bell is considering running for the City Council.

Adam Clayton Powell took money from a strip club owner/ex-con.

David Paterson calls victory “inevitable” in the fight over claiming cigarette taxes on reservations.

Larry Sabato predicts a Republican House majority.

Staten Island D.A. (and GOP AG candidate) Dan Donovan is taking over Sen. Kevin Parker’s assault trial.

  Morning Read: Councilwoman Bell?