Morning Read: Cuomo/Paladino

Mayor Bloomberg is slated to endorse Andrew Cuomo for governor today.

Is Carl Paladino decaffing his campaign?

Cuomo’s advisers fear his above-it-all Rose Garden strategy is opening up too many opportunities for his flame-throwing rival.

Two members of Paladino’s “Blue Ribbon Tax Cut Team” were surprised to find out they were on it.

The campaign manager for Congressman Chris Shays embezzled $250 ,000 and is headed to jail.

In the wake of the Citizens United case, Bill deBlasio has been lobbying major corporations to pledge they won’t donate to political campaigns.

A crooked judge who was outsted from the bench has been picked by the Brooklyn Democratic Party to choose new judges.

Harry Wilson released his first ad in the comptroller’s race.

Carl P. Paladino welcomes, even encourages, news reporters and photographers to spend time with him…Then there is Andrew M. Cuomo, who has taken campaign control to new lengths.”

Republicans are losing the cash race.

Gay rights activists are moving their fight to the courts.

Yesterday’s failure to repeal DADT means this Brooklyn man has to give up his dream of serving in the Marines.




  Morning Read: Cuomo/Paladino