Morning Read: David Paterson, Meet David Paterson [VIDEO]

Carl Paladino: The back story.

Paladino was heckled at the Columbus Day Parade in Queens.

Paladino’s favorite place to vacation is the Adirondacks. Oh, and is against microstamping legislation, wants to cut state income taxes by 10% and will honor CFE funding agreements

Says Bush speechwriter Curt Smith about Paladino: “He’s talking to people who feel their government has betrayed them.”

Paladino’s new campaign treasurer, a former Erie County comptroller, has steered more than $1 billion in bond business to the current treasurer of the state Conservative Party.

Cathy Paladino, on her husband: He’s not saintly…Everyone has their own personal baggage, but we agree on the things that matter.”

Nick Confessore looks at Cuomo’s relationship to the Black community, and notes, “He has done virtually no campaigning in predominantly black neighborhoods in New York or with black elected officials.” Today, Cuomo is doing a subway stop at 125th Street in Harlem.

Who runs New York? The Working Families Party, says New York.

Bloomberg bullpen seating chart.

Decision Day for Rick Lazio.

New York is slated to lose two seats in redistricting.

Kirsten Gillibrand secured an $18.5 million federal grant to secure the city against a dirty bomb attack.

Lew Fidler on Vito Lopez: “You could do 99 things for Vito. “You don’t hear a thank-you for the 99. You hear grumbling that you didn’t do the 100th.”

Who’s the next Vito?

Newtown Creek is slated to be named a Superfund site.

And David Paterson, meet David Paterson:





  Morning Read: David Paterson, Meet David Paterson [VIDEO]