Morning Read: “Disgusting”

Andrew Cuomo called Carl Paladino an extremist.

“There’s no place in New York for tea-party politics,” Cuomo said.

“Yet the Democrat is continuing the going-through-the-motions style of a big front-runner that he no longer is,” says Bill Hammond.

Goodbye, Rick Lazio.

Carl Paladino should have the C-line tomorrow.

Paladino called running for governor “disgusting.”

Andrew Cuomo’s cousin tried to help a client cash in on state pension fund business last year amid the AG’s probe of a pay-to-play scandal

A boomlet in Buffalo for Paladino lawn signs.

Rick Karlin on the AG’s race: “And aren’t abortion laws set largely by the federal government? That may be, but for Schneiderman, who has a lengthy record of advocating abortion rights, seizing upon the issue could be seen as a strategic move against Donovan.” 

“Vito thought he’d take the slap on the wrist and then it would be over,” reports David Seifman.

Partnership for New York City says 375,000 workers lack paid sick leave, far fewer than 1.3 million workers that labor groups in the city say lack it.

A landlord who tries to bring in “smiling yuppies” to his properties is on Bill deBlasio’s slumlord list

Bloomberg would like to double the number of CUNY graduates by 2020.

The NRA is behind Scott Murphy.

Genting is all set to bring slots to Aqueduct.

  Morning Read: “Disgusting”