Morning Read: Last Day of Summer Edition

On Labor Day, Andrew Cuomo calls on labor to sacrifice for the good of the state

Eric Schneiderman has paid ex-wife and 1199 lobbyist Jennifer Cunningham nearly $900,000 to run his primary campaign during the past three weeks

Daniel Padernacht dropped out of his state senate race, so the anti-Espada vote will not be split.

The DN for Reshma

And against Kevin Parker

“Certainly my brother is aware of what this would mean in terms of family,” says Adam Clayton Powell III, the assemblyman’s half-brother.

Greg Meeks and Shirley Huntley spilt on the race to replace Tom White.

Brendan Scott on Richard Brodsky: “Though some feel his confidence crosses into self-righteousness…”

Obama is set to unveil a $50 billion infrastructure plan

Politico wonders, “What is Doug Hoffman had been a team player?”

Will the Tea Party hurt or help the GOP?





Morning Read: Last Day of Summer Edition