Morning Read: Paladino: “Andrew, For The First Time In Your Life, Be A Man…”

Dick Ravitch issued a report that called for changes to the state’s Medicaid program.

Carl Paladino sent a letter to Andrew Cuomo that says, “Andrew, for the first time in your life be a man. Don’t hide behind daddy’s coattails even though he pulled strings to advance your career every step of your way.”

Paladino is fighting to save $1.4 million tax break he received from the government to create jobs for a company he started, even though only one job was actually created.

To beat back the Muslim myth, the Obamas went to church.

Mayor Bloomberg has been wearing the same two pairs of shoes to work for the past 10 years.

A new book of Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s letters reveals that, “He sniffed at Hillary Rodham Clinton’s smugness, denounced Spiro T. Agnew as a demagogue, opposed Pamela Harriman’s application to a prestigious Manhattan club and called the Peace Corps elitist,” Sam Roberts reports.

Shelly Silver backs Andrew Cuomo’s property tax cap plan.

Vito Lopez is in Andrew Cuomo’s sights.

Parsing the distance between Tom DiNapoli and Andrew Cuomo.

Mayor Bloomberg on golfing partner Barack Obama: “He’s young, he’s tall, he’s a good athlete. If he worked at his game, he’d be much better than me.”

Democrats plan to paint the Republicans as taken over by extremists.

And Democrats may be right about that, says Olympia Snowe.

Rick Lazio is leaning on staying in the race on the Conservative line.

Senate Democrats will try to attach 9/11 legislation to a military funding bill Tuesday, the DN reports.

David Paterson vetoed a bill that would have capped the amount of rent welfare recipients with HIV/AIDS would have to pay.



Morning Read: Paladino: “Andrew, For The First Time In Your Life, Be A Man…”