Morning Read: Pass The Smelling Salts

Jon Stewart will hold a rally in Washington to poke fun at Glenn Beck. Naturally, Stephen Colbert will hold a counter-rally.

NYT: “Mr. Cuomo repeatedly suggested that his views of Mr. Paladino’s statements, policy proposals and past conduct were irrelevant to the campaign between them.”

He intimated that he is the real Tea Party candidate in the race.

More from Cuomo’s press conference here.

Calling George Pataki “a degenerate idiot” does not mean that he will not vote for you.

Bill de Blasio, the public advocate, is demanding a detailed accounting of the problems that plagued the primary voting on Tuesday.

All three State Senate candidates supporting charter schools – Basil Smikle, Lynn Nunes and Mark H. Pollard – lost by huge margins, with none cracking 30 percent of the total vote in primary contests against UFT backed rivals.

Dozens of elected officials, the teachers union and several community groups called Thursday for city schools Chancellor Joel Klein

Pressed yesterday on whether she would accept a temporary extension of tax cuts for couples earning more than $250,000, Nancy Pelosi replied, “Not for the wealthy, no.”

A task force commissioned by City Comptroller John Liu is poised to call for a major change in the way that the city determines what amenities-such as affordable housing and parks-to extract from real-estate developers in exchange for approving their plans. to suspend some of his signature accountability policies.

Brendan Scott: Gov. Paterson waved his layoff ax again yesterday and threatened to can thousands of state workers before leaving office at year’s end.

Another Grover Cleveland/Carl Paladino commonality: “Both acknowledged having fathered children who in a quainter time were described as – pass the smelling salts – illegitimate.”

Dan Donovan is backing away from Paladino.

After losing the AG’s race and three decades in public service, Richard Brodsky was home cooking chicken with rigatoni for his staff. He is unsure of his next move.

The Post on Vito Lopez:”This gravy train needs to end.”








Morning Read: Pass The Smelling Salts