Morning Read: Spitzer Slams Cuomo

Eliot Spitzer on Andrew Cuomo:  “Everybody knows that behind the scenes, he is the dirtiest, nastiest political player out there.”

All contracts going to Vito Lopez’s sprawling non-profit will undergo further review.

Andrew Cuomo unveiled a new ad that took direct aim at Carl Paladino.

The ad calls Paladino, “a landlord and developer who has given politicians almost a half-million dollars and gets insider deals from Albany.”

The ad “captures a tension inherent in the candidacy of Mr. Paladino, who is running as a pitchfork-wielding anti-Albany outsider but is also a multimillionaire, a longtime political donor and a prominent businessman who has earned substantial amounts from government contracts.”

Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg did not have much of a relationship until the two met over breakfast two weeks ago at Gracie Mansion.

Steve Levy has yet to make an endorsement.

How come those polls give such different results, asks the TU.

Tom DiNapoli’s office released a report slamming Harry Wilson’s investment strategy, which led Wilson camp to say that DiNapoli was using his government office for political purposes.

David Paterson is backing away from his call for a special session.

Paterson is about to cut 2,000 state jobs.

There is a five-fold increase in students repeating a grade in NYC.




Morning Read: Spitzer Slams Cuomo