Morning Read: Team Paladino

The Big News: Alan Hevesi is expected to plead guilty to a felony corruption charge in AG Cuomo’s pay-to-play investigation.

House leaders are quietly contemplating canceling a planned Wednesday vote on a health-care bill for Ground Zero workers if Republicans try to add an amendment barring treatment for illegal immigrants who labored there, Devlin Barrett reports.

Andrew Cuomo is glad Rick Lazio dropped out of the race, because, “I’m basically a moderate. Rick Lazio was a moderate Republican.”

On Team Paladino: A campaign manager who owed $53,000 in federal taxes, an adviser indicted for stealing $1 million from Mayor Bloomberg, another who allegedly steered $1 billion in public money to a politically connected investment manager, and a driver who was involved in a DWI hit-and-run.

Paladino has just a 2 percent chance of winning, according to Nate Silver.

A primer on what exactly a comptroller does.

A lot of senior New York Democrats would get a demotion if the G.O.P. takes control of the House

In the last three years, companies doing business with Vito Lopez’s Ridgewood Bushwick empire have donated $51,000, either directly to Assemblyman Lopez’ campaign or the Kings County Democratic Committee, records show.

Dan Donovan is touting his tenure with Bob Morgenthau.

Upstate’s anger at NYC is growing, and could have political consequences this election year.

Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t like ticket “quotas,” but does like keeping track of how many tickets are issued.

The race for comptroller comes down to who do voters dislike more, Albany or Wall Street?

The murder rate is way up.

The much-maligned CityTime initiative will be completed.

Police estimate 26,500 saw Obama speak at the University of Wisconsin last night. Morning Read: Team Paladino